A Discussion of the Oculus Quest 2

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A Discussion of the Oculus Quest 2
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A Discussion of the Oculus Quest 2

What’s Next for Virtual Reality and HMDs

With Jim Intriglia and Dakotah Intriglia

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Jim:  So, after the Quest 2 announcement during the Facebook Connect 7 event on September 16th, we wait in anticipation of the shipping of our Quest 2 headsets on October 13th. I was listening to the Marques Brownlee’s Waveform videocast, where he’s talking with Mark Zuckerberg about  virtual reality and the future of devices.

Dakotah:  I've been following him on YouTube for a while. He’s been doing YouTube videos for like 11 years now, and has over 12 million subscribers. He's interviewed significant people in the industry, getting the  inside scoop on a variety of things. if you if you want your product reviewed, he'll do an honest review with like, camera robots and all this crazy stuff.

Jim:  One thing I feel strongly about is that virtual and augmented reality represents the next generation of the Internet and Web. I see virtual reality casts as competing with and even replacing YouTube videos.

Much of the computer hardware that is so common today, like smartphones, computer monitors, etc., will be replace with wearable gear and virtual displays.

Dakotah:  Mark Zuckerberg mentioned some of the same things during his talk with Marques. Facebook's has always been working on the answer to the question: How can we connect people? I think that's why they’re betting on wireless virtual reality, because if you are wireless, then you can just connect people really easily. Other companies are like, how can you stay home and just kind of play games?

Jim:  As the price point of $299 for the 64KB Quest 2, I can see Facebook’s virtual world, Horizon, becoming very popular with those who frequent Facebook’s legacy website. As VR provides more of an emotional connection when interacting in VR with people, and you can actually engage actively in activities and experiences, I see a large transition of people purchasing the Quest 2 and migrating some aspects of the Facebook presences to Horizon and other VR worlds and experiences.

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