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Photo courtesy Markos Mant, Unsplash.

Photo courtesy Markos Mant, Unsplash.

Life Design: Creating a Foundation for Your Life Pursuits

Most of us start our entrepreneurial or professional career with high hopes and good intentions. Few of us, however, have ever given much thought to designing our overall life experience, as a starting point to creating the business venture or professional career that we envision.

Photo courtesy Benjamin Dada, Unsplash.

Photo courtesy Benjamin Dada, Unsplash.

Effectively Communicating With Our Audience

Marketing the benefits of a product can vary depending on the audience, preferred means of communication that the audience prefers, as well as what has proven to be an effective approach to market a product to an intended audience.

Photo courtesy:  Google Daydream .

Photo courtesy: Google Daydream.

The Daydream Team VR Development Process

In the second segment of the VR Design Process talk, Michael Ishigaki, AR/VR Design Manager at Google, talks about the VR development process his team used to develop the VR Daydream Home app