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Jim Intriglia

With over three decades of progressive experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge as a Business Systems Consultant and Information Systems Technologist. My career is a testament to driving business growth for enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures in the competitive landscape of business Information Technology (IT) systems and software application development. 

In the realm of Healthcare IT, my diverse background ranges from providing emergency medical services as an Eemergency Medical Technician, to co-developing Kaiser Permanente's pioneering paperless EMR platform that went live in their Denver, Colorado facility beginning in 2004.

Over the years, I have established a proven record of accomplishment with esteemed consulting firms, like Johnson Controls and Statera Consulting, and healthcare organizations like Catholic Health Initiatives. My pivotal role in evolving financial and human resource healthcare applications has empowered organizations to attain their financial and patient care goals and objectives. 

As a visionary futurist, my passion for harnessing Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) and Virtual Reality (VR) is actively forging new paths in the technological frontiers of business innovation. 

Impactful Outcomes for Clients
My dedication to excellence is showcased through:

- Intelligent automation that streamlines operations.

- Business process analysis and reengineering to improve productivity, resource allocation, and reduce costs.

- Leveraging data-driven insights to enhance decision-making processes.

- Elevating patient and stakeholder engagement within healthcare IT ecosystems.

- Identifying and mitigating financial and patient safety exposure through risk assessment.

- Developing VR/XR platforms that enhance communication and learning experiences, transcending traditional methods.

Innovative Technologies Consultant | Developer | Educator
I guide specialized teams in harnessing OpenAI's GPT technologies, melding traditional business practices with innovative Generative AI and VR/Mixed Reality applications to drive future success. 

Partner with me to harness the transformative power of next-gen AI, crafting strategies that unveil untapped potential and establish competitive dominance.

Healthcare Information Technology Consultant | EHR | Generative AI
Oracle Cerner EHR Implementation Consultant | Requirements | E2E QA UAT
Two decades of managing Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) implementations with major healthcare service providers, group medical practices, and nonprofits.  

As an independent Oracle Cerner Millennium EHR Consultant, I lead initiatives with a vision that aligns the aspirations of all stakeholders—from business leaders to the patients that we serve.

My goal is to deliver quality customized EHR platform solutions that meet business needs and enable healthcare providers to provide superior patient care. 

Ready to Transform Your Business?
Engage with me to elevate your healthcare IT infrastructure with industry best practices and cutting-edge innovations. Let's join forces to propel your enterprise and entrepreneurial ventures to new heights, securing a formidable position in the dynamic digital business landscape.

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Our Mission

With year of experience and unwavering knowledge comes an extraordinary tool and resource which we hope will enable entrepreneurs, business and academic professionals to thrive and profit.


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To schedule your free 45-minute personalized consultation, please contact me. Let me show you how the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over my long and successful career, can benefit you, your business venture or professional practice.

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What business & Technology areas do you report on?

What business & Technology areas do you report on?

My team and I focus on innovative business and professional practices and supporting technologies, such as augmented, virtual, and mixed reality applications.

As Healthcare Information Technology Consultants and Subject Matter Experts, we focus on innovative and best practices that affect the business of healthcare and delivery of healthcare benefits to patients.

As Educators, Career Advisors and Mentors, we leverage our extensive experience to guide entrepreneurs and business professionals to excel in their ventures and professionals practices.

Where do you provide Advising & Mentoring services for Entrepreneurs, business Professionals & Graduate students?

Where do you provide Advising & Mentoring services for Entrepreneurs, business Professionals & Graduate students?

By becoming a member of my Learning and Mentoring Patreon, Entrepreneurs, business professionals and university students can receive a broad range of personalized services. I've designed these services to meet a broad range of needs and budgets.

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What are the Special Topics Library Reference?

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We do the research work for you, so you can focus on your business venture or professional practice.

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Can Special Topic Library References be Subscribed to Separately?

A 'Special Topic Library Subscription' is available for $14.97, for six months access to a library reference of your choice.

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How can I learn more about a topic that is featured via a blog post?

How can I learn more about a topic that is featured via a blog post?

Blog post articles provide a summary overview of a topic of interest. Subscribers have access to in-depth articles, references and resources, which are referenced in blog posts. Subscriber articles, curated references, and resources are all designed to deliver premium benefits as compared to the information freely available in each blog post.

How can I Learn More About virtual reality for business and professional applications?

How can I Learn More About virtual reality for business and professional applications?

Collaborating with other business professional educators, I provide free and paid classes and workshops courtesy of Educators in VR, a global organization that provides education and other experiencial learning opportunities to members and volunteer supporters. Upcoming educational presentations, discussion forums, classes, workshops, and other special events are available to my Newsletter Subscribers.

How can I Learn of upcoming topics, Programs and Project Initiatives?

How can I Learn of upcoming topics, Programs and Project Initiatives?

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What Subscription Plans are Available?

What Subscription Plans are Available?

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Dr. Jose Ferrer
Clinical team leader
XR Medical and Healthcare team of Educators in VR

I’ve known Jim Intrigilia for over two years. We met in VR and shortly after started the Educators in VR XR Medical and Healthcare Team in Altspace. Altspace hosts over 800-1,000 events each year, and we can use these events for training in the medical field—a step up from a Zoom training—where we can have 3D models and interactive opportunities. Since collaborating with Jim, I’m beginning to step out of my role as a medical doctor seeing patients daily to working on healthcare projects involving VR and AI. Jim is always trying to push the people around him to try new things and engage with new techniques and platforms, which I find inspiring. As a leader, Jim is a great communicator and is also fun and funny. Whether hosting a VR event or working with a team, he makes everyone feel comfortable. Jim is great at asking questions and encouraging people to share their ideas.

Anita Shenk
Vitality ReAwakened

“I have worked closely with Jim in managing events for the EDVR XR Medical and Healthcare Team Project. Jim taught me a lot about leading a team and managing event information, including how to use Microsoft OneNote. Due to his guidance and willingness to bring me onto the team, I have gained new skills and new opportunities which have led me to be able to start Vitality ReAwakened, my own virtual event channel. Jim has amazing ideas and is so great about motivating others to be passionate about the things he is working on, the future, and the potential of VR technology. And he's great at listening to other people and empowering them to implement their own ideas. Jim has always supported me in doing things my own way, even if it looks different than how he has done it, which is part of why he is such a strong leader, and why I move forward with such confidence in my abilities as I step into more leadership roles.”

Advik Poddaturi
University of Tampa
Lowth Center for Entrepreneurship

"With Jim Intriglia’s rare expertise in Software Development, IT and Marketing, I knew he would be the best mentor for me, my business idea, and for successful completion of my Mentor Project assignment. After our initial interaction, I quickly realized that he was someone who would commit to our mentor/mentee relationship 100%, be an excellent support system, and go out of his way to help me in any way possible. His enthusiasm, patience, organizational skills, and an integrity in what he does inspired me. Every meeting that Jim and I had together resulted in the creation of new and innovative ideas. Jim genuinely enjoys creating innovative practices for the entrepreneurs that he mentors. It is, without a doubt, due to Jim’s innovated ideas, resources, and unwavering support, that my Mentor Project Assignment was completed successfully. I am incredibly fortunate to have had him as a mentor."

Carl Bonafede
University of Tampa
Lowth Center for Entrepreneurship

"Jim has been the best mentor. He helped our company get into the University of Tampa’s Lowth Center Incubator Program, which has been a springboard for us. Jim is an innovator. He looks at business and technology today and doesn’t see what’s there; he sees what can and will be in the future. He’s a meticulous communicator. Every single interaction I’ve had with him has been productive. With Jim’s help and our work in the UT Lowth Sparta incubator program, our company, Peerion, is rapidly expanding its reach."

Sharon Tender
Professional Graphics Art Designer

"Needing some direction on how to promote myself in the IT field, I sought out a career mentor for assistance. Although I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never used a mentor prior to this, Jim was explicit about what he could offer me and followed through by developing a program with deadlines to stay on track. Jim was always enthusiastic while meeting both online and in person. He went into depth when learning about my career goals and how I would go about reaching them. He focused on my personal goals and was genuinely interested in learning about my line of work. Because of this, he was able to develop a program based on my individual needs rather than a cookie cutter program that is supposed to work for everyone. In the end, he has given me a new perspective and the toolset I needed to advance my career. I highly recommend Jim’s services to anyone who considers themselves to be shy or who is needing assistance traversing through the networking process. He would also be great for anyone who is changing the direction of their career like myself. In the end, Jim has given me a new perspective and the toolset that I needed to advance my career overall."

Gabriela Espadas
Educators in VR
Event Manager

"In December of 2020, I began working with Jim as an event coordinator supporting a virtual reality healthcare team project. As an educator, I am interested in the potential of VR, and when Jim approached me and asked me if I wanted to start helping to co-ordinate events, I was excited. Jim doesn’t push learning in a certain way. His ability to perceive what people have a natural talent for, even if it’s outside their area of expertise— is how I ended up as an events coordinator though I had no previous experience. Jim is a good leader and a clear communicator. He knows the VR platform perfectly and answers any questions I have about the platform. And Jim thinks creatively and is knowledgeable about a variety of topics. He’s also open to sharing his knowledge with other people, which is unique. Jim is funny and friendly, and his communication skills and willingness to share knowledge make him a great leader. Outside of our interactions in VR, I’m very thankful that Jim introduced me to Microsoft OneNote. I now use it all the time in my job as an educator.”

Janet Reitler
Test Engineer, Nurse

"I worked with Jim in 2020 as Healthcare IT Test Engineer, on the U.S. Veteran’s Administration Electronic Healthcare Record Modernization Project. Jim helped trained me for my role on the VA Test and Evaluation Team, testing workflows and making sure processes were correct before they rolled out to patient care. During my time working with Jim, he was an excellent trainer and team leader. He was very knowledgeable of the systems we were working with. He was always willing to share his knowledge, skills, and expertise generously. Unlike others in the field, Jim was never satisfied with a workaround for a problem. He raised issues with tests and never sacrificed the integrity of his work—even when management may have preferred him to take the path of least resistance. I certainly felt capable in my role because of the training and support I gained from Jim. I was able to excel in my position as a Test Engineer because of his thorough training in the VA and Cerner (the healthcare IT supplier) workflows. Aside from his excellent leadership and depth of understanding of the systems we were working with, Jim is easy-going and effortless to work with. He has a positive, upbeat attitude. I always felt I could trust Jim with any questions I had. He was very responsive to messages and made his teammates feel heard and cared about. I have confidence that Jim’s future projects will be a success because of both his vast knowledge and great people skills.”