Frequently Asked Questions

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What business & Technology areas do you report on?

How much does it cost to sign up?

My team and I focus on innovative business and professional practices and supporting technologies, such as augmented, virtual, and mixed reality applications.

As Healthcare Information Technology Consultants and Subject Matter Experts, we focus on innovative and best practices that affect the business of healthcare and delivery of healthcare benefits to patients.

As Educators, Career Advisors and Mentors, we leverage our extensive experience to guide entrepreneurs and business professionals to excel in their ventures and professionals practices.

Where do you provide Advising & Mentoring services for Entrepreneurs, business Professionals & Graduate students?

Can I support you elsewhere besides VR Files?

By becoming a member of my Learning and Mentoring Patreon, Entrepreneurs, business professionals and university students can receive a broad range of personalized services. I've designed these services to meet a broad range of needs and budgets.

What are the Special Topics Library Reference?

Will I be notified about new content?

Special Topic Library References, updated monthly, provide Subscribers with quick access to information and other resources of interest.

It is becoming more difficult and time consuming to locate content using todays advertising-driven web search engines.
Each week, we research, organize, document, and publish a curated reference directory of special topics of interest to Subscribers.

We do the research work for you, so you can focus on your business venture or professional practice.

Can Special Topic Library References be Subscribed to Separately?

How long does this subscription last?

A 'Special Topic Library Subscription' is available for $14.97, for six months access to a library reference of your choice.

Access to Additional reference libraries can be purchased for an addition $4.95 per month, per reference library.

Annual Reference Library Subscriptions are available for $24.95, a 15% savings off the six-month subscription price.

How can I learn more about a topic that is featured via a blog post?

How much does it cost to sign up?

Blog post articles provide a summary overview of a topic of interest. Subscribers have access to in-depth articles, references and resources, which are referenced in blog posts. Subscriber articles, curated references, and resources are all designed to deliver premium benefits as compared to the information freely available in each blog post.

How can I Learn More About virtual reality for business and professional applications?

Can I support you elsewhere besides VR Files?

Collaborating with other business professional educators, I provide free and paid classes and workshops courtesy of Educators in VR, a global organization that provides education and other experiencial learning opportunities to members and volunteer supporters. Upcoming educational presentations, discussion forums, classes, workshops, and other special events are available to my Newsletter Subscribers.

How can I Learn of upcoming topics, Programs and Project Initiatives?

Will I be notified about new content?

Subscribe to our free newsletter to stay on the forefront of innovative developments and to learn more about ongoing programs, projects, upcoming events, and other initiatives.

What Subscription Plans are Available?

How long does this subscription last?

For $29.97, the Professional 'Pro' Subscription Plan provides six-months of access to in-depth, researched, topic-of-interest articles, and a periodic newsletter.
A Special Topic Library Subscription plan is available for $14.97, for six months access to a library reference of your choice.
The $44.95 'All Access' Subscription Plan delivers the benefits of the 'Pro' plan, plus access to the Special Topics Library, for a six-month period.