VR for Business, Professional and Educational Applications: Preview to a 4-Part Series

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VR for Business, Professional and Educational Applications: Preview to a 4-Part Series
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Photo courtesy Azret Ayubov / Getty Images
Courtesy Azret Ayubov / Getty Images


An Introductory Series Illustrating How Virtual Reality is Benefitting Business Enterprises, Professionals, Educators and Students

Taylor Roatch, Lauren Bratten and I, recently completed the forth of a series of articles, Remote Learning and VR for K-12 Educators, Parents and Students, that reports on practical, beneficial applications of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for business, professional and educational use cases.

We hope you have benefitted from our research and reporting this past year.  We'll continue to research and report on applications that are delivering significant benefits, through the use of virtual reality best practices and the innovative technologies that support VR.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support through Patreon. Be sure to check Patron-only versions of the articles below, for more in-depth coverage and access to references and resources, designed to help you engage VR best practices to benefit your business venture or professional practice.

VR Use Cases for Business and Professional Applications: Part 1

Lauren Bratten talks with Jim Intriglia, who presented a ‘VR Applications and Use Cases” talk at the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit event. This first of a multi-part series, Jim and Lauren share their perspectives on the benefits of virtual reality, virtual collaboration spaces, and how VR is being used by professionals in the business world.

VR and Remote Learning for Business Professionals: Part 2

Virtual spaces are opening doors in the business world. VR learning spaces and applications for business professionals provide many of the benefits of meeting face to face, without travel cost and other logistics headaches. Meeting and collaborating in a virtual space can initiate and solidify working relationships, as compared to phone calls and 2D video working sessions.

A Day in the Life of Professionals in VR: Part 3

The development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences have introduced significant benefits for businesses and professionals that need innovative ways to push the limits of education, product development, communication and collaboration, and the day-to-day work experience for professionals.

Remote Learning an VR for K-12 Educators, Parents and Students: Part 4

What has been the experience of educators and parents of school age students, who were faced with the challenge of adapting to and adopting home-based remote learning solutions, as a means of staying safe during the worldwide pandemic?

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