2021 Year End Thoughts; Onward & Forward in 2022

2021 Year End Thoughts; Onward & Forward in 2022

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2021 Year End Thoughts

In the face of the formidable challenges presented by the global pandemic over the last two years, entrepreneurs and professionals continue to innovate, grow, and thrive, worldwide.

As history demonstrates, new opportunities often present during challenging times, when the world is undergoing profound change.

In Healthcare IT, year-end news included Oracle Corp. announcing the all-cash tender offer to purchase of Cerner Corp. As a healthcare IT consultant specializing in Cerner Millennium EHR platform implementations, it will be interesting to see how healthcare organizations will be affected by this acquisition.

One thing to watch are those organizations that have their Cerner customized platforms transitioned from the Cerner AWS Cloud to the Oracle Cloud.

For many of my colleagues, partners, and patrons, 2021 was a productive year. We found many innovative ways to meet challenges, grow, and thrive in a rapidly changing global economy.

I believe that 2021 was a banner year for Virtual Realty technology innovation, application, and content development. The growing realization of the benefits associated with being a part of the metaverse will continue to become evident to the business mainstream.

Thank you to my Educators in VR (EDVR) educational presentation partners and team project colleagues, who through group collaboration made possible the many successes associated with our XR Medical and Healthcare, Business and Aviation team projects. Special thanks to Lorelle Van Fossen, Lance Wusky, and members of the EDVR Event Support Team.

Thanks to my EDVR XR Medical and Heathcare Team Project colleagues, especially Dr. Jose Ferrar Costa, Gabriela Espadas, Christi Fenison, Jessica Spencer, Anita Shenk and Tony Lopez, for your significant contributions to team initiatives.

The EDVR XR Business Team Project, founded by Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Lorelle Van Fossen, hosted several interesting and educational events in 2021. Thanks to Alvaro Peralta, Roberto DaCosta, and Oscar Kevin Sandoval-Rivera for your educational presentation contributions.

Thanks to Walter Matthews, Richard Varner, Captain Edgar Yanez Prado, Captain Neil Roberts, Quintin Simms, and Marcel Doesburg, for your educational presentations and support of the EDVR XR Aviation Team Project.

To everyone I met, learned from, educated, and collaborated with in the VR metaverse this year, thank you for making 2021 a memorable experience.

Patreon Members: Thank You for Your Support!

For my past and present entrepreneurs and IT Pro's, who benefitted from my Mentoring and Career Advising Patreon, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you. I'm confident that you will continue to grow and thrive in the 2022 new year.

For my Seekers, Pathfinders and Trailblazer Patrons, thank you for your feedback and continued support. For 2022, my team and I will continue to improve products and services that you value and support through your contributions.

New for 2022: Products Portal Launch

One of the most significant accomplishments my team and I achieved in 2021, was the launch of the ESTUS custom designed JimIntriglia.com Products Portal.

We designed the new Products Portal to provide educational and informational content for business and technology professionals, who are engaged in information technology, healthcare IT, professional education, and virtual reality applications.

For a limited time, I'm offering a free Products Portal subscription to those that request a complimentary six-month subscription.

As a new subscriber, you'll have access to original educational articles, informational reports, and quick-reference guides.

2022 Year Kickoff Networking Socials

To kick off the 2020 New Year, I'm hosting a live virtual Networking Social in January. Networking social events bring together like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals who seek to help one another. To receive an invitation to my social networking event, email me.

For those of you who are engaged in the Metaverse, please join our global community of entrepreneurs and professionals for social networking events and educational presentations. AltspaceVR and EngageVR host weekly educational events, with Educators in VR providing venues of interest for VR business, medical and healthcare, and aviation enthusiasts.

Looking Ahead to 2022

The year ahead will provide many opportunities for each of us to thrive in our respective communities, industries, and practices. Stay healthy, happy, and well in the New Year!