Introducing the New Products Portal

Introducing the New Products Portal

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If you're a frequent visitor to, you likely noticed that the former website, powered by Squarespace, has been replaced with a reimagined, custom designed web platform.

Thanks to the talented creative marketing and web development team over at ESTUS Digital, my new web platform, known as the Products Portal, represents the result of nearly a year of collaborative planning,design, and development. We reached the Production Go-Live milestone earlier this month and are excited by the new capabilities that the new platform will deliver to visitors and subscribers, worldwide.

What follows is a summary overview of the content that's now available. Freely available content consists of blog posts and the free monthly newsletter that will officially launch in December 2021.

Premium paid content is available to Subscribers via a 'Pro' and 'All Access' six-month subscription plan. Each plan features a 14-day free trial period, so you can experience the benefits of the information and resources cited in articles, white papers, special reports and quick reference guides.

Blog posts

Blog posts inform readers on topics of interest to me and my readers. Based on reader response, a blog post could result in the publication of a research article, special report, or even a reference guide, depending on the nature of the topic and reader requests.

Research articles

Research articles provide a more in-depth analysis on a topic of interest. Over time, a research article may lead to the development of a new special report or reference guide.  

Special Reports

Special Reports typically focus on a specific topic. Special reports address the needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and influencers, who are engaged in product selection and purchasing.

Reference guides

Reference guides serve as a go-to reference on a particular topic or subject matter. Reference guides provide commentary, factual information, and multimedia resources, on subject matters of interest to readers.

Special Topics References

Special Topic Reference (STR) Guides provide a Craigslist-like listing of selected web resources on a specific topic or area of interest.

Tired of wading through endless, advertiser supported web search engine results, concerned more with satisfying the needs of advertisers, rather than providing you with the information and resources that you need?

Curated by my team and updated monthly, STR Guides can save research time and energy, when you need current information on selected topics of interest.

Your feedback is important to us! Please share your comments and suggestions, so we can continue to improve our products and user experience.