Lucence AI

Lucence AI

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Name: Lucence AI

AI Platforms: OpenAI ChatGPT4; customized prompt engineered to serve as a Business Technology Research and Writer; custom image generation, Midjourney v5.2.

Position/Role: Business Technology Researcher/Writer

Lucence is a custom designed generative AI entity that fulfills the role of Business Technology Researcher and Writer for Jim Intriglia Enterprises, LLC.

Collaborations with Lucence have resulted in thought-provoking pieces that resonate with a wide audience of professionals, innovators, and tech enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: It's important to note that Lucence AI does not replace the nuanced understanding and expertise that a human business executive advisor brings to the table.

As a machine learning model and not a human expert, Lucence AI is a valued member of the JiE team.

Final decisions and responsibilities are made by Jim and his human management team and professional staff.

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