Excire Foto: Solving the Age-Old Challenge of Digital Photo Management

Excire Foto: Solving the Age-Old Challenge of Digital Photo Management

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AI-Based Software Applications Emerging to Solve Business and Professional Challenges

Whether the application use case is AI-based test engineering platforms, high quality synthetic art generation programs, or digital media asset tagging and categorization applications, remarkable advances in AI are now solving decades-old challenges in the business enterprise and for practice professionals.

The Challenge: Managing Large Digital Photographic Libraries

There are a growing number of software applications that engage AI and Machine Learning to solve the challenge of automating the cataloging and retrieval of selected photographs from a large collection of digital photos.

Much like reference librarians managing massive collections of books in a large library, professional photographers and content creators struggle with the challenge of managing massive collections of digital photographic assets.

The primary challenge centers on the process of meta-tagging, cataloging, and storing digital photographs, for quick and effective retrieval using a broad range of possible search criteria.

My Challenge: Improving the Cost/Benefit of my Photo Library

As a writer, educator and creative content developer, I've invested a significant amount of time managing the process of organizing my large library of digital photographs.

Far too often, when I search for a photograph, it takes an inordinate amount of time to find a photograph that I need to contribute to content that I'm developing.

Other times, I end up overlooking photos that would have better met my needs, due to the lack of a robust means to search and access my digital photo library.

I've been unable to effectively manage photos that I've recently taken. The large number of uncatalogued photos that I have collected and not added to my growing photo catalog, will be forgotten when the time comes when I could have made use of these photos to fulfill a personal or business-related need.

A Solution: Excire Foto Digital Photo Management Application   

Excire Foto is an AI-based software application that manages digital photographs on Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOSworkstations.

Using automatic image analysis, photo meta-tagging and intelligent search functions, Excire Foto (EF) seeks to free creatives from the arduous and time-consuming task of managing photographs and time-consuming searches of digital asset libraries.  

After viewing Frederick Van Johnson's report on the EF application, I was motivated to invest more time and research to determine whether the Excire Foto software photo management application could truly deliver significant benefits to those who manage and curate large libraries of photographs.

About Excire Foto AI-Tagging and Search Technology

The Excire Foto technology was developed by Pattern Recognition Company (PRC) a German AI company founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the University of Lübeck.

CEO and PRC co-founder Erhardt Barth is a Computer Vision expert and a photography enthusiast. As his photo collection grew to over 100,000, he realized the value of the photographs in his collection decreased as the number of photos in his collection increased in number.

Not quickly finding photos that are being searched for decreases the value of the investment in managing large collections of photographic imagery.

PRC CTO Thomas Käster's Ph.D. study on AI-based image-retrieval brought an innovative solution to the challenge of gaining maximum value from large, growing collections of photo image libraries.

Exploring the Benefits of Engaging Excire Foto App

After reviewing the Excire website, I decided to take advantage of the 14-day trial and see if the application could provide me with significant benefits. Perhaps the application could even replace my current ineffective and costly process to manage my digital photographic assets.

Learn More About my Excire Foto Evaluation and Use Experience

Valued JimIntriglia.com Subscribers can read my first impressions as a new Excire Foto application user.

In the coming weeks, I'll share my real-world experience using the EF application, as I discover whether this application can significantly improve how I manage and search my digital photo library.

Special Offer: 14-Day Trial JimIntriglia.com Subscription Offer

If you're not currently a Subscriber, please take advantage of the free 14-day trial subscription. Learn more about Excire Foto benefits, applications, tips, tricks, and best practices, from my own experience and leading experts that use the EF application for digital photographic asset management.

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