Excire Foto: Manage Photographic Digital Assets - Getting Started

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Excire Foto: Manage Photographic Digital Assets - Getting Started
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Over the years, I've struggled with the challenge of creating a cost-effective strategy that would enable me to manage and effectively search my large, growing collection of digital photographic assets.

After viewing the first video review of the AI-based Excire Foto v2 software application, I was enthusiastic to explore the benefits that this software application could deliver, based on my weekly use of my photographic digital asset library.

Excite Foto 14-Day Trial Offer

What better way to explore the capabilities of Excire Foto (EF) website, than by taking advantage of the free 14-day trial offer.

After submitting a web form with my name, email address and Company name, and agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions for the E-shop at www.excire.com E-shop and Operator, I received a confirmation email with the link to download EF software.

The EF software agreement permits a single user to install the software on up to three computers for home or business use.

After the trial period expires, users can reactivate their EF application by purchasing a license key.

Installing and Configuring Excite Foto on my Windows 10 Workstation

After the EF software installation process completed, a screen display prompted me to select a default location for the EF application database.

The information on the screen warned me that a significant amount of storage could be required over time, so I chose to create the EF application database on my external media mass storage device.

The application then displayed a window showing me the time left in my trial (14 days). I selected the Use Trial Version option which then displayed the application user interface.

Application Quick Start References

Having never used the application before, I clicked the help link option and was presented with several ways to begin my orientation and learning journey.

I chose to begin my orientation using the quick introduction tutorials located on the Excire website. Though the company is based in Germany and the demo video was available only in the German language, I was happy to see that the Quick Start tutorials were also available in English.

After reading a brief description of how Excire Foto AI functions Research inventories of photos I clicked on the to the video tutorials button to begin my orientation.  

The video tutorials that the software links to, are hosted on the Excite YouTube channel. I found a tutorial playlist in English, that listed five tutorials that should get me started using Excire Foto.

The first Excire Foto Tutorial: Quickstart Demonstrated how to navigate 2 photography folder that contains my photos.

One of the options I noticed that was beneficial was the ability to recursively load all children of a parent folder. This was useful since my current photo management process uses nested folders to organize my large photographic library.

Importing my Photos in the Excire Foto Application Database

Clicking on the add button in the excite photo app, I navigated to the first photo directory folder that organized my photos by date. Clicking on the Start button, the application began importing and analyzing my photos organized by the year the photo was taken.

After thirty-eight minutes of processing time, Excire Foto registered (imported), analyzed and tagged 10,059 photographs.

The results of the analysis revealed that the application could not analyze 211 of the photos, which represented just 2.1% of the total number of photos.

Clicking on the Show Details option provided detail reports of photographs that were either too small to analyze, or were found to be corrupted.

The photo file locations were displayed, enabling me to locate and review each photo, and decide if the photo should be deleted from my library catalog. Clicking on the Save to File button enabled me to save the results for later review. Nice.