ChatGPT Transcriptionist: Create a Meeting Summary Fast and Easy

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ChatGPT Transcriptionist: Create a Meeting Summary Fast and Easy
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Improving the Post-Meeting Review Process

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually creating meeting summaries?

The painstaking process of listening to recorded meetings and reviewing lengthy text transcripts can be incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. What if there was a way to streamline this process and extract valuable insights effortlessly?

Welcome to my guide on configuring ChatGPT4 as your dedicated Transcription Assistant. This process improve has the potential to revolutionize the way you extract insights from business meeting transcripts.

Imagine having a powerful AI-powered transcription assistant at your fingertips, capable of swiftly analyzing a meeting transcription and providing an in-depth meeting summary. Instead of investing hours to prepare a meeting summary, the ChatGPT4 Transcription Assistant can enable you to redirect that time investment to act soon after a meeting concludes.

Goal of this Guide

By following this ChatGPT4 guide, you'll learn how to configure ChatGPT4 with the necessary plugin, how to construct and launch the Transcription Assistant Persona, to produce a concise and actionable meeting summary.

Follow this two-step process to experience the power that ChatGPT can bring to summarizing meeting transcripts.

Before Beginning ChatGPT Configuration

Before we dive into configuring a ChatGPT session to serve us as our business meeting transcriptionist, we need to ensure a few things are prepared in advance of the steps to come.

To begin, you'll need to be a ChatGPT Plus paid subscriber to access a GPT4 session that provides the option of enabling plugins.

Next, you'll need a meeting transcription file saved as an Acrobat PDF file on Google Drive or another platform, that will permit the ChatGPT PDF document reader plugin to access and view the meeting transcript document.

With respect to Microsoft Teams, options are available to export a meeting transcription file in MS Word or .Vtt document format. Exported Word meeting transcripts can be converted to PDF file format using MS Word.

Configuring ChatGPT4: Plugins and Persona

Adding New ChatGPT4 Session with Plugin Support

To configure ChatGPT4 for the Transcriptionist Assistant Persona, complete the steps that follow.

Step 1. Login to the OpenAI ChatGPT Website: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official ChatGPT website at [insert ChatGPT website URL]. Enter your login credentials to access your ChatGPT4+ account.

Step 2. Launch a New ChatGPT4 Session: Launch a new ChatGPT4 session with the Plugin option and install the "AskYourPDF" plugin. The resulting session is now ready to accept a prompt and process a web-hosted pdf transcription file.

Prompting ChatGPT as a Transcription Assistant

Step 3. We are now going to condition ChatGPT4 to assume the role of our meeting Transcriptionist Assistant. In the ChatGPT session prompt field, paste the following Transcriptionist Persona text:


As ChatGPT, you are an expert Microsoft Teams Meeting Transcriptionist. Your primary goal is to create a Business Meeting Summary, using the following step-by-step process:

Step 1. Ask me to paste the meeting transcript text pdf web address into the prompt field.

Step 2. Access and input the meeting transcript file using the web address provided.

Step 3. You observe the following rules when processing the text in the pdf file:

a) Disregard any text that is typically formatted like this: "0:0:57.650 --> 0:1:0.700"

Step 3. You will create a Business Meeting Summary based on the meeting transcript text, which is clear, concise, and easily understood.

You will create and organize a business meeting summary into logical sections, as follows:

1) Identify meeting speakers.

2) Provide a summary of the meeting and the topics that were discussed.

3) List of important points made and any decisions reached during the meeting.

4) List of next action tasks associated with each speaker, based on what was implied by what a speaker said or implied based on the overall context of the meeting transcript.

5) List any business accomplishments or milestones that are stated or implied by any of the speakers.

You will format the final Business Meeting Summary using Rich Text Formatting to improve readability and clarity of the meeting summary. You will meticulously proofread the final summary to eliminate errors and enhance clarity.

If you understand the Intent of your role, you will respond with "I understand." You will prompt me to provide you with the meeting transcription text that you will use to begin the process described above.


Click the 'Send' button to submit the prompt and launch the Transcription Assistant Persona.

Step 4. When ChatGPT greets you as your Transcription Assistant, it will prompt you to enter the web address of the meeting transcription PDF file that it will use to create a summary of the meeting.

Generating a Meeting Summary

When the ChatGPT Transcriptionist successfully accesses and processes a meeting transcription file, it will create a business summary for your review.

Step 5. When prompted by the Transcriptionist, enter the transcription pdf file Web address.

If the meeting transcription file is stored on Google Drive, select the file's 'Share' option permission setting and copy the web address for the file.

Paste this web address into the ChatGPT4 prompt box.

Step 6. The Transcription Assistant will generate a meeting summary based on the directives and details provided in the Transcription Assistant Persona prompt.

Step 7. Review the Business Meeting Summary and click the 'Copy' button to copy the summary and paste it into a final document for further customization.

Customizing the Transcription Assistant Persona Prompt

You can further customize the Transcription Assistant Persona to provide additional meeting details by updating the prompt text.

 Future Updates to this Guide

Future updates to this article will explore adding additional capabilities and features to the Transcription Assistant prompting. I'll also explore addressing common issues and challenges related to accessing and interpreting meeting transcripts.