Framework for Life Organization and Prioritization

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Framework for Life Organization and Prioritization
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Classifying and Describing the Things in Life that Consume our Valuable Time

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The following Life Organization and Prioritization classifications, definitions and supporting examples, are intended to serve as a framework by which we can determine the relative importance and priority of a prospective personal, professional and/or entrepreneurial engagement of our time, energy and resources. 


Life Organization and Prioritization Entities
Life Organization and Prioritization Entities


Foundational Engagements

Foundational engagements achieve life-mission personal, professional and/or entrepreneurial goals and objectives, through the completion of key programs and projects.


Tampa Bay Relocation.  My relocating to Tampa Bay from Parker, Colorado was critical to my personal, professionals and entrepreneurial life mission(s).

Cornerstone Engagements

Cornerstone engagements principally support Foundational endeavors, taking precedent over Sustaining and Discretionary engagements.


Gainful Employment: For most people in the U.S.A., the search for employment is a Cornerstone project that supports Foundational projects like purchasing a home or securing an apartment lease.

 Insurance:  In the United States, auto insurance is required to drive an automobile. Most employment in the U.S. requires transportation; most employees own an automobile to commute to and from work. Therefore, selecting and maintaining an auto insurance policy represents Foundational work.

Sustaining Engagements

Sustaining engagements support Cornerstone personal, professional and entrepreneurial programs, projects, activities, tasks, and events.


Grocery Shopping. Required to maintain health, home and relationships.

Discretionary Engagements

Similar in format to Foundational engagements, Discretionary engagements do not significantly impact Foundational, or Cornerstone programs and projects.


Visiting Art Museums.  For many people, visiting an art museum periodically is one of several leisure activities engaged in for personal enjoyment. This activity can be discontinued without any significant impact to important life engagements and sustaining activities.