2018: The Year Virtual Reality Simulations Bridge the Gaming Realm?

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2018: The Year Virtual Reality Simulations Bridge the Gaming Realm?
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Graphic Image Courtesy Ubisoft
Graphic Image Courtesy Courtesy Ubisoft


As Virtual Reality (VR) simulation continued to gain momentum in 2017 in the gaming market, developers have continued to work on VR simulation in the education and creative arts space.

Research suggests that games can be an effective approach to teach a concept or skill. In the area of teamwork, can you imagine how Ubisoft's Star Trek: Bridge Crew could be applied by a clever instructor to teach teamwork and other skills?

I grew up with the Star Trek TV Series in the early Sixties and can trace my childhood interest in engineering to Star Trek characters Mr. Scott and Mr. Spock. The popular TV show nurtured my interest in science, technology and engineering, while delivering a weekly message about the importance of teamwork and social equality.

"It's necessary to work together to achieve the mission." said Levar Burton, a Star Trek cast member who played Geordi La Forge in the Next Generation series. "What's more Star Trek that co-operation as opposed to competition, right?"

Are VR simulations ready for prime time, now that the technology has emerged and the cost is within range of many? 

Former Star Trek cast members who relied on engaging their imaginations to fulfill their roles believe the time for truly immersive VR is just around the corner.


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