The Renaissance Soul, Unleashed

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The Renaissance Soul, Unleashed
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Jim prior to first flight in ASK-21 Glider (Photo: Jackie Berna, 2015)
Jim prior to first flight in ASK-21 Glider (Photo: Jackie Berna, 2015)


Updated: May 6th 2020

A Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.  I chose this phrase as the theme for my website, in honor of Margaret Lobenstine, who passed peacefully in 2015. Back in 2006, her seminal book, The Renaissance Soul, helped me form a framework for my life and career. I am forever indebted to Ms. Lobenstine for providing the perspective that has guided my life journey.

Ms. Lobenstein's updated 2013 edition, The Renaissance Soul: How to Make Your Passions Your Life, continues to provide guidance to the segment of the population that is often engaged in multiple areas of interest at any given time.

In April 2015, Emile Wapnick presented a TED Talk that addressed why some of us do not have one true calling in life. As she illustrated, Renaissance Souls have multiple callings throughout their life, which makes life exciting and oftentimes quite challenging to manage.

How do you spot a Renaissance Soul?

Do you have a friend or family member that is engaged in more that one career profession or trade at any given time? How about a family member who transitions from interest to another every year or so?

Leonardo Da Vinci, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt are historical examples of Renaissance Souls who had a broad range of interests, mastered multiple disciplines and created innovative advances and breakthroughs in many different fields over the course of their lives.

Modern day Renaissance Souls include Steve Martin (actor, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, comedian, producer, Grammy winning musician), Seth Godin (Marketer, Entrepreneur, Author, Educator) and George Burns (comedian, actor, singer, and writer).

If you take a moment and reflect, I'll bet you can name several people in your life that you view as successful, who you see as having achieved significant accomplishments as they traveled different career paths during the course of their life.  These people are likely Renaissance Souls.

Life's Character Actors

You can think of Renaissance Souls as the character actors you encounter in life. We often choose to be in supporting roles; sometimes we even find ourselves playing the leading man or lady in an organization for a period of time. As with character actors in movies and theatre, what's tough for the people in our life is attempting to pin down our true nature and personality, as it's constantly evolving.

Renaissance Souls are different from most people in our society. We have an innate sense of curiosity about the world in which we live. That curiosity drives us to pursue continuous lifelong learning, which enables us to make contributions in the many areas that are of interest to us.

We are blessed with passion, creativity, ability, and a relentless drive to live each day like it is going to be our last day on this Earthly adventure. This perspective leads Renaissance Souls to learn, gain skills and master multiple disciplines and professions. This enables us to contribute to the society in which we live in a variety of ways.

Progressing Forward, in True Renaissance Soul Style

So why A Renaissance Soul, Unleashed, as the theme for my personal website? What happens when a Renaissance Soul takes to full-flight,  unencumbered by societal norms, practices and beliefs?

I invite you to explore and journey with me.


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