Virtual Reality Entertainment Experiences

Virtual Reality Entertainment Experiences

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Quality, State-of-the-Art Entertainment Experiences Flourish in the Metaverse

It was about ten o'clock in the evening when I put my Quest 2 headset on. I had had a long day and was looking forward to turning in for the evening. I figured I'd quickly browse through some of the experiences I had noted through the week, and then climb into bed for a well-deserved, restful night's sleep.

Nearly two hours later, it was close to midnight, when both the battery in my headset and that which keeps my brain and body functioning, were close to being exhausted. Like most of my previous experiences with VR, I was absolutely blown away by the entertainment experiences that I engaged in a two-hour period.

VR 360 Video Experiences: You Are There!  

Immersive 3DOF video experiences are available through Oculus Video, Netflix, Amazon Prime VR, YouTube, and via immersive video enthusiast amateur movie-makers.

After experiencing several immersive VR 360 movies using my Quest 2 headset, it occurred to me that a growing number of people seeking passive entertainment, will choose to watch their Netflix or Amazon Prime movie using their VR headset.  

Once you’ve experienced the ‘you are there’ feeling conveyed by a VR 360 video, it’s hard to return to watching that wall-mounted 2D flat screen TV in your entertainment/relaxation space.

Oculus Quest 2 for Watching Movies/YouTube/360 Videos: What's The Verdict?

 I enjoyed the short documentary When we Stayed Home, produced by Targo, that tells the story of what's the impact of the worldwide COVID pandemic is like from a bookseller's perspective.

As I learned about French culture and studied the language for many years beginning in elementary school, it was nice to be able to experience 360 degree videos shot from the banks of the Seine, in Paris.

 C'est bonne!

 One of the real-world experiences I've enjoyed in my life is alpine snow skiing. When evaluating virtual reality experiences, I like to compare VR experiences to real-world experiences that I have engaged in. This provides mw with a good reference as to the realism of the VR experience, as well as the other aspects of the VR experience that are unique to the virtual space.

In the first VR alpine skiing movies that I experienced, I felt like I was once again on a snow-capped mountain, getting ready to take a run down the snowy slope.

As I watched the skiers carve beautiful turns in the powdery snow from different vantage points, I recalled how tired my legs and body became, as I neared the end of a run.

I recalled the dry cold air and how the power powder would fly as I carve turns through the snow.  I remember the exhilaration that I felt when I had a good rundown snowy mountain, especially if I was accompanied by others on the run.

It's been decades since my last skiing experience, and I'll likely not enjoy the sport of alpine skiing again in my lifetime. It was great to revisit the experience through a virtual reality movie.

The second immersive movie from Oculus studios that I viewed featured two men that were Experiencing what it feels like to fly like a bird, thanks to wingsuit technology.

Though I've never tried the sport of hang gliding or skydiving, I did learn how to fly fixed-wing gliders during the summer of 2015. More on that topic later this year, when I again delve into VR flight simulation training applications and experiences.

 All in all, I'm amazed at the level of realism and detail that a virtual reality experience could deliver, using the Quest 2 all-in-one headset.

 If you want to experience the next generation of movie watching and live event participation, now is the time to be placing your order for a Quest 2 headset.

What’s your favorite virtual reality experience that brings you back to VR each week?

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