VR Files Newsletter: Vol 1 Issue 1

VR Files Newsletter: Vol 1 Issue 1

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In This Edition

Education in Virtual Reality has demonstrated that VR educational programs can deliver significant benefits that are difficult or cannot be achieved in real world or 2D virtual environments.

This edition of the VR Files explores some of the innovative VR educational programs and professionals who are progressing VR education in the metaverse.

Topic of Interest: Virtual Reality in Education

VR Education Programs

In 2021, Lorelle Van Fossen, the Educators in VR (EDVR) Event Support Team, and Team Project members, worked diligently to ensure that Medical and Healthcare, Business and Aviation Team Projects monthly educational presentations and social networking events were a success.

For 2022, there will be new presentations, and updates to previous presentations, to prepare for the next generation Web 3.0 Metaverse

As with the 2021 UniVirtual Experience event, I'm working on new educational presentations for the upcoming 2022 global event.

As with the 2021 UniVirtual Experience, the 2020 Global Summit event will feature notable VR Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and educators. They'll be speaking and presenting on a variety of topics. Take advantage of this annual opportunity to meet and network with VR professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

You can actively participate in EDVR educational presentations and networking events using a Microsoft Windows 10 PC and Altspace application.  Attend Virtual Reality EDVR events using popular VR headsets, such as the Oculus Quest. 

Connect with me via LinkedIn to stay abreast of upcoming presentations of interest to Web 3.0 entrepreneurs, healthcare and information Technology career professionals.

Featured Application


AltspaceVR is a popular social VR platform that features education and informational content for business professionals and students, worldwide. 

AltspaceVR was acquired by Microsoft in 2017. The platform is transitioning to incorporate Microsoft's XR Mesh platform.

AltspaceVR, like many popular VR applications, offers access to its virtual events and community via 2D PC and virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Quest. 

Business professionals and students of all ages will find a rapidly expanding content catalog consisting of educational presentations, classes, social networking events, and more. It's not all work and no play; there are plenty of fun events and activities host by the AltspaceVR community of creatives.

Since 2016, Educators in VR has presented hundreds of educational events using Altspace, attracting a large, worldwide audience. The platform has been stress-tested by users and proven to withstand the demands of large-scale event offerings that typically attract hundreds of users for a single event.

Who's Who

Lorelle Van Fossen, Co-founder, Educators in VR.  With co-founder Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Lorelle co-founded Educators in VR, a global network of educators, learners, students, researchers, and passionate enthusiasts, who have integrated virtual and spatial technologies into leading edge virtual educational programs for business professionals and students.

In 2020, along with her team of passionate and dedicated volunteers, she produced the Educators in VR International Summit. This virtual conference event was the first of its kind, featuring 170 speakers in 150+ events on 5 virtual platforms over a 6-day period, attracting more than six-thousand participants, worldwide.

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