VR Edutainment Working Group Program

VR Edutainment Working Group Program

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VR Edutainment Working Group Program

Primary Purpose

Collaborate with Virtual Reality (VR) Content Creators, Speakers, and Producers to create educational VR edutainment presentations designed to market products and services to a target audience.  

The working group meets twice monthly for an hour-and-a-half working session, to collaborate on the creation and development of VR presentations in metaverse spaces.

Benefits of the Program

The program provides the following benefits to active participants:

  • Provides knowledge and assistance for participating members who want to develop edutainment programs for AltspaceVR, ENGAGE and NeosVR metaverse.
  • Leverages knowledge, experience, and other resources of working session participants, to develop and create new VR content and presentations.
  • Provides a forum to brainstorm ideas to improve existing presentations and develop VR content.
  • Gain experience with virtual reality meeting and collaboration applications. Learn how to productively work in VR.
  • Learn how to create VR educational content that entertains, communicates, and educates.
  • Learn about leading-edge VR metaverses, platforms, and applications for Edutainment.


The working group will be supported by the participants that engage in working group activities. Jim Intriglia serves as the working group team leader.

Additional working groups may be formed to focus on developing industry-specific presentations, or content for specific virtual reality space or application.


What is the Working Group's Purpose?

Working Group Participants are focused on creating educational and informational presentations for AltspaceVR, ENGAGE and other virtual reality platforms.

Who can Participate in Working Group Sessions?

VR Content Creators, Speakers, Presenters, and Producers who are actively developing and presenting educational and informational presentations in virtual reality spaces.

How will the Working Group Meet?

Working group participants collaborate using the following 2DPC and VR applications: Microsoft Teams Web meetings, ENGAGE and vSpatial. Meetings are rotated between the three applications on a bi-monthly basis.

Does the Working Group Meet in VR?

Working group participants meet in the virtual reality space ENGAGE, primarily to demonstrate their edutainment presentations via an ENGAGE virtual space. vSpatial provides a highly productive virtualized workspace, where group members have access to their PC's and applications and can collaborate with other members in real-time and virtual space.

What about Using VR Collaboration Applications that Provide Access to PCs and Applications?

Working group sessions are scheduled every other month using the vSpatial application.

Who sponsors the VR Edutainment Working Group?

The VR Edutainment Working Group is a service of Jim Intriglia Enterprises, LLC. A member-supported workgroup, the group strives to share knowledge, experience, and other resources for the betterment of VR Edutainment content created via working group sessions.

How can I Request an Invitation to a Future Working Group Session?

Contact Jim Intriglia via LinkedIn or Discord message, or via Email: Jim@JimIntriglia.com.