The Nugget Hunter Business Partner Program

The Nugget Hunter Business Partner Program

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The Nugget Hunter Business Partner subscription program presents a compelling opportunity for businesses to engage expertise, drive business growth and product development, all while benefiting from the flexibility and affordability of a subscription-based model provided by my Patreon.

By engaging this collaborative service, businesses can enhance their marketing initiatives, increase sales, and help ensure customer retention. The program provides two hours of sales engineering support services in support of marketing campaigns, sales events, and customer support initiatives.


Nugget Hunter business partners strategize and engage tactics that drive business growth, sales increases, and customer retention. Marketing support is provided for product campaigns, projects, and events, leading to increased exposure and brand recognition.

Business Partners receive sales engineering support, which can increase sales revenue and improve customer retention. These services help solve problems related to time management, introduce fresh ideas and workflow/process improvements designed to increase sales conversions.

Marketing Services. Assists with setting the stage for sales initiatives. Optimizes and re-engages marketing assets to identify and qualify new products and services prospects.

Sales Engineering Services. Engage, qualify, and close new business prospects. Provide customer and technical support services to enable sales professionals to close deals and prospective customers to resolve questions and issues.

Customer Satisfaction Assurance. Determine level of customer satisfaction, present and future needs.

Performance Reporting. Monthly report that communicates key marketing and sales performance indicators toward determining Return on Investment.


The Nugget Hunter Business Partnership service tier is engaged through my Patreon. Plan amounts are automatically debited via credit card or PayPal. Patron tier subscriptions may be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled by Patrons via the Patreon platform.

Nugget Hunter Business Partner patrons receive two service hours per month, focused on sales prospecting, customer sales engineering and marketing support services.

Sales Commission

A sales commission structure customized for each Patron incentivizes revenue growth through commissions on new customer sales of products and services, with bonuses for customer satisfaction and retention. The program also provides rewards for upselling and cross-selling additional products and services to existing customers.