Special Topic Quick References: Curated Web Resources

Special Topic Quick References: Curated Web Resources

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Curated Quick References Featuring the Best of the Web

Birth of the World Wide Web: An Explosion of Information and Resources

In the late 1980's, I was introduced to the Internet and sent my first email message to a colleague located in the United Kingdom. Not long after, I scrolled through my first web page on a portable sewing machine size Compaq luggable computer.

The reference librarian in me was giddy with delight by the prospects of an exponentially growing collection of information and other resources that would become the World Wide Web of today.

I have always loved cataloguing fantastic web resources and informational reference finds, when I am doing research on a topic of interest.

Many years ago, I outgrew simple bookmarking of websites in my favorite browser. I had bookmarked and organized hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites that I thought worthy of noting for future research and reference.

Creating Special Topic Quick References

I adopted Microsoft's OneNote application as my primary organizational and note taking tool back in 2004.

As I conducted research, I began creating OneNote notebooks that contained the best web resources and reference content on specific topics of interest.

Referring to my notebooks of web resources and references as Special Topic Quick References, I began to share segments of my notebook's curated, multi-level categorized lists of subject matters with friends, colleagues, and clients.

Quick References Save Significant Time and Energy

My shared topical quick references were saving people a significant amount of time and energy, as I continued researching more subject matter areas and delved deeper into areas I had previously documented.

As public search engine results became influenced more by subsidizing advertiser's and marketing experts skilled with Search Engine Optimization, the value of my Special Topic Quick References grew.

Today, I have over two dozen Special Topic Quick References 'organized by category and subcategories, many of which I reference daily. By popular demand, I'm making selected STQRs available by subscription.

How can I subscribe to a Special Topic Quick Reference?

If you are a member of my Patreon, STQRs are included for selected Patron tier levels. For example, at the Sojourner Patron tier level and above, Patrons can select one or more STQR's as part of their Patron benefits package.

STQR's can also be purchased via a monthly or annual subscription, by sending me a topic inquiry subscription request.

Subscription Pricing

A subscription to a single Special Topic Quick Reference is $14.97, for six months access to your choice of selected quick reference subtopics.

Annual subscriptions are available for $24.95, a 15% savings off the six-month subscription rate.

Additional STQR's subtopics can be purchased for $2.50 per month.

STQR subscription topic requests are limited to one Topic or Subtopic request per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What STQR Categories, Topics and Subtopics are currently available by subscription or individual purchase?

Special Topic Quick References are available for the following selected Categories: Healthcare Information Technology, Marketing & Sales, Entrepreneuring, Finance and Investing, and more.

Category Topics

Category Topics organize content into more narrowly focused areas of interest. Subtopics segregate topical information into more narrowly focused areas of interest.

For example, the Healthcare Information Technology Category has the following Topics and Subtopics available:


Topics include Consultants, Consulting Firms, Staff Augmentation Firms, Government Contracting firms.


Subtopics include Nordic, Accenture, and many more Healthcare IT Consulting Firms.

Subtopic information typically includes company information and contact information for key employees.

Contact me to check the availability of a particular Category, Topics, and Subtopics of interest.

How Often is STQR Content Updated?

Content is typically updated monthly, to ensure the most recent curated best content is available for Subscribers. Subscriber STQRs are updated quarterly, or when an additional Topic or Subtopic is requested.

Can I request an entire Category?

No. STQR requests are by Topic and/or Subtopic only.

If I have an Annual STQR Subscription, how often can I request a new Topic and/or Subtopic?

Subscribers may request one (1) Topic and/or Subtopic per calendar month.

Can I submit a resource for inclusion in an STQR Topic or Subtopic?

Yes! Our editorial team welcomes suggested resources and references that may improve the quality and completeness of our STQRs.

How do I request a STQR subscription?

Send an email request specifying a Topic and/or Subtopic of interest. You'll receive a response in 2-3 business days concerning availability for your topic of interest.