Requirements Specification: Vital to Software Development Project Success

Requirements Specification: Vital to Software Development Project Success

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Business IT Requirements Specification: Key to Project Success

In the planning stage of a system and software development project, executives, program, and project managers will be grappling with project costs, staffing, schedules, deliverables, and the myriad of other important aspects that are key to a successful production rollout.

During the planning stage, SMEs collaborate with EUs who are well-versed in industry best practices and organizational policies, procedures, and workflows. SMEs and EUs team with Business Systems Analysts (BSAs) to begin the process of eliciting, specifying, and documenting Business Use Cases that the product deliverables will need to fulfill.

Creating Functional Requirements and Specifications

An industry best practice is to team Subject Matter Experts, Ends Users, and Business Systems Analysts, to elicit, specify, document, and maintain functional business requirements and specifications. 

The resulting sets of Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) drive the system and software development process, including User Acceptant Test strategy, planning, and test case design, development, implementation, and ongoing management.

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