JimIntriglia.com Free Subscription Program

JimIntriglia.com Free Subscription Program

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JimIntriglia.com Free Subscription Program

What is the JimIntriglia.com Free Subscription Program?

The JimIntriglia.com Products Portal Free Subscription Program engages a team of volunteers, known as Test and Evaluation (T&E) Team members, to provide valuable feedback on Products Portal content and user experience.

T&E Team members help ensure that Subscribers receive quality, timely, practical informational and educational content supporting their business, professional, and personal life pursuits.

What Benefits do I receive for being a T&E Team Member?

As a volunteer team member, you’ll get complimentary access to the paid, subscriber-only content. This content includes blog posts, research articles, product and service reviews, and more. Topics usually center around tech, virtual reality, personal and professional development, and innovative business practices. If any of these categories, or multiple categories, are of interest to you, you might be a great candidate for the TE Team.

As a T&E Team Member, how do I share my feedback?

T&E Team members share feedback periodically, based on their engagement with the Products Portal and the new and updated content that is published monthly. Team members share feedback via email, or social media applications like Discord, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

What are Examples of Feedback Shared by Team Members?

T&E Team Content Evaluators report on and provide recommendations to:
- expand the scope of research, informational or educational articles.

- create a Subscriber-only article based on a blog post.

- malfunctions or unexpected behavior of an embedded or linked multimedia article or blog post content, such as a YouTube video or web-based educational animation.

- grammar or typographic errors in content or the JimIntriglia.com website.

T&E Team Functionality Evaluators provide valuable feedback on features, functions, and other capabilities that the Products Portal provides visitors and subscribers of JimIntriglia.com.

Feedback from Functional Evaluators typically consists of:

- Malfunction or unexpected behavior of embedded or linked multimedia content, such as YouTube videos or web-based educational animations.

- Suggestion for a new feature, function, or capability.

What is the Time Commitment for Team Members?

Team members typically invest 1-2 hours per month as content and/or functional evaluators.

How Do I Apply for the Team?

Email your request and team member role preference (Content or Portal Evaluator role) to jim@jimintriglia.com.

Team member positions are limited; requests for membership are on a first-come, first-served basis.