Immersed: A Capable VR Coworking Space

Immersed: A Capable VR Coworking Space

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A Premier VR Workspace for Business Professionals

Immersed is an innovative virtual reality platform designed for business professionals. It provides a seamless experience by integrating with your Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation, allowing you to access your desktop in a virtual environment.

If you have a Meta Quest, HTC Vive Focus or Pico wireless VR headsets, you can experience how business professionals worldwide are virtually working and collaborating via Immersed.

In this article, we will explore the key features and capabilities of Immersed, from installation to its various working modes.

Immersed VR Visor for User Community

For users that have committed to working and collaborating via the Immersed platform, the company offers Visor, an alternative to VR headsets.

Designed to meet the needs of the Immersed community, the Visor was the topic of a recent MRTV discussion with Immersed Founder Renji Bijoy.

Installation and Platform Compatibility

To begin using Immersed, you need to download and install the Immersed desk top agent software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation.

This software provides the necessary access to your desktop within the Immersed virtual environment. Once installed, you can proceed to download the Immersed application through your headset's app store.

Platform compatibility is another essential aspect of Immersed. It currently supports Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, and Linux open-source operating systems.

However, it's worth noting that the Immersed application does not currently support wired PC VR headsets like the HP Reverb G2. The Immersed team is actively working to bring support to the Steam platform for wired PC VR headset users.

Headset Compatibility

Immersed supports wireless VR headsets such as the Meta Quest series, HTC Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4.

If your headset provides full-color pass-thru capability, Immersed utilizes this feature to enhance the visual experience.

Additionally, Immersed is developing a Steam application that will extend support to wired PCVR headsets.

Getting Started in Immersed

After installing the Immersed agent on my WIndows 10 Pro workstation and creating an Immersed account, I launched the Immersed app in my Quest2 headset.

After Immersed launched, Josh, my Immersed VR concierge, greeted me and then proceeded to walk me through some basic configuration settings.

Within minutes, I had the Immersed app paired with the agent that I installed on my workstation and configured pass-through tracking to be able to use my physical keyboard and trackball. I was up-and-running in an Immersed public room, replying to an email displayed on a large virtual screen.

Solo Working

In the solo working mode, Immersed allows you to have up to five screens in a virtual space. The pass-thru feature enables you to see your physical keyboard while wearing the Meta Quest Pro headset. Immersed provides a variety of environments for solo working, including public virtual reality rooms that enable networking opportunities among business professionals.


Immersed also offers co-working spaces, where you can transition your solo workspace into an invite-only or open environment. In a co-working space, you can collaborate with others by sharing virtual workstation screens. This mode is ideal for collaborative work with one or two people. Furthermore, Immersed features group environments like an auditorium/movie theater with large screens for presentations and whiteboard capability for group working sessions.

Public Rooms

For those who prefer working alongside other Immersed community members, public rooms provide a great opportunity. Options such as the Alpine Chalet, Coffee shop, and Spaceship offer unique virtual spaces where you can engage with others and boost productivity.

Special Features

Immersed includes a "do not disturb" feature, which signals to others that you are focused on a project and prefer not to be disturbed. This is particularly useful in open community work environments. Another interesting feature is the ability to add virtual friends. When adding a virtual friend, you can view their LinkedIn profile, facilitating professional networking and contact exchange within the VR environment.

VR Headset Microphone Integration with Remote PC Applications

One key feature on the Immersed application development roadmap is the capability to capture VR headset microphone audio, to stream to a remotely connected computer. The use case for this capability is using the voice dictation feature in Microsoft's OneNote application, when an Immersed user has nothing more than their VR headset available and wants to connect to a remote computer and use a computer applications voice dictation capability.

According to an Immersed customer support representative, this is one of the most requested features. The company has invested a considerable amount of effort to date to provide this capability. There isn't currently a public release date for that feature.

If you are in Immersed and connected to a laptop computer, you can connect a headset to the laptop and use the microphone to make use of OneNote's voice dictation feature. Voice dictation saves a significant amount of time, especially since Microsoft has integrated artificial intelligence into auto-correcting the voice-to-text stream.

Video Conferencing and Keyboard Tracking

Immersed enables video conferencing both in 2D web format and virtual reality. Virtual screens can be placed alongside your computer screens to facilitate seamless communication. Moreover, with the Meta Quest 2, keyboard tracking is supported for keyboards like Apple's Magic Keyboard

I've had excellent results using my Logitech K375s Keyboard pass-thru tracking capability. Using the K375s enabled me to view my physical keyboard and trackball in passthrough mode while in VR, which was a game-changer respective of being productive while working in Immersed. 


I would recommend investing in a trackable keyboard like the Logitech K375s if you need to glance at your keyboard every now and then to be productive.


Immersed provides business professionals with a powerful virtual reality platform that enhances productivity and collaboration. Its diverse working modes, compatibility with wireless headsets, and immersive features create an engaging environment for both solo work and co-working.

With ongoing development and expansion, Immersed presents exciting possibilities for entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business owners who value working and collaborating virtually using AR augmented and virtual reality.

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