HIT Business Networking Group Participation Guide

HIT Business Networking Group Participation Guide

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1. Introduction

1.1 Overview of HIT BNG

The Healthcare Information Technology Business Networking Group (HIT BNG) was founded on the principle of harnessing the collective power and potential of Healthcare IT professionals. Recognizing the immense opportunities that arise from fostering a collaborative environment, HIT BNG was established with the primary goal of generating new business opportunities for its members. This collaborative approach significantly enhances the potential for success, as compared to professionals working in isolation.

New business opportunities include:

=> Independent consultants identifying and gaining new prospective clients.

=> Consultant employees discover new prospective employers and engage in new job opportunities.

=> Service Providers identify and engage qualified candidates to fulfill customer needs for talent to staff upcoming projects and programs.

While there is no monetary cost associated with becoming a member of the HIT BNG, active participation with the goal of fulfilling the community's Vision and Mission will be expected to remain as a member in good standing.

1.2 Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create a thriving business networking community within the Healthcare IT sector, where the success of each member is a shared responsibility and achievement. We envision a community where 'How can I help?' is not just a question, but a commitment to mutual growth and success.

1.3 Mission Statement

Our mission is to generate business opportunities for independent consultants seeking new client prospects, W-2 contract consultants looking for new job opportunities, and service providers seeking to identify candidates for upcoming project and program opportunities.

1.4 Benefits of Participation

Active HIT BNG participants that leverage members, events and other activities can expect to experience the following benefits:

1. Gain access to a diverse network of talented and experienced HIT professionals and firms.

2. Receive regular updates on current and upcoming contract consulting opportunities of interest.

3. Increase their visibility within the industry.

4. Benefit from introductions to relevant contacts based on their specified needs and offerings.

5. Share and receive valuable knowledge and insights about the industry.

6. Receive invitations to exclusive BNG insider events that:

=> Educate and inform members about practical business use cases for innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. This keeps members abreast of the latest advancements and practical applications within the healthcare IT sector, potentially offering them new tools and strategies for their own practices or projects.

=> Introduce members to new HIT products and service offerings. This can help them stay updated with the latest solutions available in the market and could potentially serve their clients' needs more effectively.

=> Provide opportunities to meet other members of the network in virtual reality spaces and 2D Web meeting events. This allows for more immersive and interactive networking experiences, fostering stronger connections within the community.

2. Member Classification

2.1 Service Providers

These are companies that offer innovative HIT solutions and products. They are invited to join the BNG to share insights about their offerings and potentially collaborate with consultants and decision-makers in the group. They receive benefits such as gaining access to a network of potential partners, getting feedback from professionals in the field, and raising their profile among key influencers and decision-makers.

2.2 Consultants

These are independent contractors and consulting and service firm employee consultants, who have a knowledge and expertise in an area of Healthcare IT, such as Cerner Millennium consulting, platform implementation, sustainment and customer support services, etc. Consultants are invited to join the BNG to connect with potential partners, stay up to date with the latest trends in the field, and gain exposure to service providers. Their benefits include opportunities for potential contracts, a platform to share their knowledge and experience, and a forum to learn about the latest HIT products and services.

2.3 Staff Augmentation Firms

These firms provide additional temporary staff to companies in need. They are invited to join the BNG to connect with service providers and consultants, and potentially offer their services to members of the group. Their benefits include increased visibility, potential business opportunities, and access to a network of professionals in the HIT field.

2.4 Consulting Firms

These are organizations that specialize in providing consulting services in healthcare IT. They often have a deep understanding of the field, as well as proprietary methodologies, frameworks, and products. As members of the BNG, these firms can share their expertise, network with other professionals, and stay informed about the latest developments in healthcare IT.

2.5 Volunteer Members

These are typically university-level students interested in a career in healthcare IT, or seasoned professionals looking to increase their networking activities and learn new skills. They volunteer their time, talent, and energy to help develop and operate the BNG in exchange for learning and mentorship opportunities.

3. Membership Qualifications

Prospective members of the HIT BNG need to possess the following qualifications and characteristics to contribute to the group's success and derive the maximum benefits:

1. Expertise in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Members should have a deep understanding of HIT, whether they are consultants, decision-makers in HIT consulting firms, staff augmentation firms, or healthcare service providers. Their expertise will be crucial in contributing valuable insights during discussions and collaborations.

2. Willingness to invest in networking and professional growth activities. Members should be interested in expanding their professional network, learning about innovative technologies and new products in the HIT sector, and actively participating in group activities.

3. Ability to contribute unique insights or services.  Members should ideally bring something unique to the table, whether it's a specialized skill set, a depth of experience in a specific area of HIT, or access to resources or contacts. This diversity can enrich the group's collective knowledge and capabilities.

4. Willingness to actively participate in the group's activities.  Active participation is key to both receiving and contributing value in a networking group. This includes attending events, engaging in discussions, sharing opportunities, and collaborating with other members.

5. Alignment with the group's goals and values.  Members should share the group's objectives of mutual professional growth, collaboration, and the advancement of HIT practices.

4. How to Join

Prospective HIT BNG members are directed to review the Participation Guide hosted on JimIntriglia.com. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and expectations of members' participation.

Interested Prospects can submit a request to become a member of the HIT BNG by emailing jim@jimintriglia.com. In response to this request, they will receive via email a short questionnaire on how they envision their membership benefiting other members as well as themselves. The email reply also requests a long and short introduction to be used to introduce them to the group.

A current member can sponsor a Prospective new member. Prospective member responses to the questionnaire are shared with current group members, as current members can vote on whether to accept or reject a new prospective member. Jim reserves the right to make a final decision on membership based on his own judgement and the feedback of current group members.

Prospective members must agree to be opted-in to the HIT BNG communications platform. By doing so, they agree to receive automated emails from the communications platform that manages group news, information, events, activities, and other group notifications. Members may choose to opt-out at any time which will also terminate their HIT BNG membership status.

New members will receive a welcome email confirming their acceptance as a HIT BNG member. The welcome email will contain the next steps to engage new members in the HIT BNG Onboarding and Orientation program. This program is designed to help ensure new members provide and receive benefits as active members of the community.

5. How to Participate

5.1 Networking Opportunities

Members will have numerous opportunities to network with other professionals in the Healthcare IT sector, potentially leading to new business opportunities. Networking opportunities include organized group events and one-on-one group networking opportunities that are member driven.

Members will also participate in focused asynchronous networking via e-mail using member names and email addresses that they have received permission to use by members. This will enable members to network 24x7x365 regardless of geographic time zone constraints.

5.2 Learning Opportunities

Members will have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from other members, providing opportunities for learning and professional development.

5.3 Special Events

Members can elect to be featured as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for Open Discussion Panel events.  Members can also present educational and informational events via 2D-Web and immersive 3D Virtual Reality events.

6. Code of Conduct

Members should always communicate respectfully and professionally. Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated. Members should also respect the privacy of other members and not share any personal information without consent.

In case of any conflicts or disputes, members should try to resolve the issue amicably among themselves. If a resolution cannot be reached, the issue should be brought to the attention of Jim Intriglia and the HIT BNG Advisory team for mediation and resolution.

Members that do not comply with the code of conduct will have their membership revoked.

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