ENGAGE Link Metaverse: A Promising Space for Global Business Enterprises

ENGAGE Link Metaverse: A Promising Space for Global Business Enterprises

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ENGAGE Link Metaverse: A Promising Space for Global Enterprise Businesses

ENGAGE has announced ENGAGE Link, a new business metaverse for large global business enterprise customers.

ENGAGE Link will enable corporations to build their own persistent metaverse, to facilitate interacting with stakeholders, providing customer experiences and enhancing communication, and hosting virtual events within the ENGAGE Link metaverse and virtual space platform.

The ENGAGE Link Metaverse primarily consists of four virtual plazas: Central, Enterprise, Education, and the Apartment Plaza complex.

Central Plaza

Courtesy: ENGAGE

Central plaza provides access to the other ENGAGE Link metaverse spaces. Here you can meet up with colleagues and friends to explore, socialize or attend events. Walk your avatar through any of the provided Portals to teleport to an ENGAGE Link plaza or another virtual space in the ENGAGE ecosystem.

Enterprise Plaza

Courtesy: ENGAGE

A real time stock market ticker display welcomes visitors to Enterprise Plaza. Visitors will have direct access to individual business meta world by walking their avatars through the many portals that will be established in the plaza. Business websites can also provide web links that will teleport visitors and customers to the ENGAGE Link space, effectively bridging the 2D Web to the virtual 3D Web.

Apartment Plaza

Courtesy: ENGAGE

ENGAGE Link provides business professionals with a metaverse apartment that can be customized to suit a variety of needs and esthetics. Apartment spaces can be used to host private social events, or just as a virtual place to kick back, relax and watch a movie with friends. The apartment elevator takes us to the Simulation holodeck-like room, where immersive entertainment experiences and activities will be available.

Education Plaza

Courtesy: ENGAGE

Education Plaza will feature some of the world's leading educational institutions and businesses. These institutions have been building educational content this last year in anticipation of the opening of the ENGAGE Link metaverse later this year.

ENGAGE Link is creating a metaverse focused on the business enterprise, populated by professionals that power the engine that is the global business metaverse.

The official launch of ENGAGE Link for the global enterprise business community is targeted for later this year.