Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey with CaptainVR Coaching

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey with CaptainVR Coaching

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Benefitting from specialized Coaching designed for Female Millennial Entrepreneurs

Have you considered the benefits of coaching by an award-winning entrepreneur and innovative coach who can help you develop both personally and professionally?

We're going to explore an innovative coaching program developed by Dana-Maria Faneker, Founder of CaptainVR.

Dana-Maria pioneered virtual reality coaching, winning the 2016 Samsung Netherlands VR Challenge award in recognition of her accomplishments. CaptainVR programs focus on personal development, stress and burnout prevention.

Dana-Maria's team collaborates with psychologists and researchers to develop XR tools and coaching techniques that empower people. CaptainVR's mission is to make people captains of their lives.

Virtual Reality is a powerful medium that supports Dana-Maria and the CaptainVR mission: to provide a safe environment that supports learning and practicing new skills.

Let's explore Dana-Maria's new coaching programs designed especially to meet the needs of millennial female entrepreneurs.

Designed Especially for Female Millennial Entrepreneurs

Dana-Maria Fanaker's CaptainVR Coaching Program harnesses the power of the Internet/Web and innovative Virtual Reality technology to provide a fully immersive, transformative experience.

As a woman navigating the business world, you know how essential it is to develop a strong sense of self-confidence, resilience, and strategic thinking—qualities that Dana-Maria specializes in cultivating through her engaging coaching sessions.

Benefits of Coaching with Dana-Maria

As a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, Positive Psychology Practitioner, ICF ACC Coach, and holder of an MBA in International Business, Dana-Maria brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her coaching practice.

By engaging in virtual reality coaching sessions with Dana-Maria, you'll realize these benefits:

Holistic Approach.  Dana-Maria's background in Positive Psychology and NLP enables her to address the root causes of your challenges, ensuring sustainable change and development.

Business Acumen. With an MBA in International Business, Dana-Maria understands the intricacies of the entrepreneurial landscape and can provide valuable insights into strategic decision-making and long-term growth.

Empowering Mindset. Dana-Maria's passion for empowering individuals to step into their personal power ensures that you'll leave each coaching session feeling confident and motivated to take on any challenge.

Customized Solutions. Drawing on her extensive toolkit of techniques, Dana-Maria tailors each coaching session to your unique needs and goals, ensuring maximum impact and lasting results.

Unique and Flexible Approach. Her unique approach blends practical business strategies with a deep understanding of the human mind, empowering her clients to achieve lasting personal and professional growth.

The CaptainVR Coaching program offers a flexible, accessible way to engage with Dana-Maria's expertise, regardless of your location or schedule.

Using a VR headset like the Meta Quest 3, you'll step into an immersive environment where you can explore new perspectives, overcome obstacles, and unlock your true potential as an entrepreneur.

Female Millennial Coaching: A Q&A With Dana-Maria

How do you see the role of millennial females, and what are some key responsibilities they must navigate?

Dana-Maria: As a millennial businesswoman, you are the captain of your company's ship and your life's journey. Your role involves not just charting the course for your business, but also demonstrating leadership in your personal growth and balance.

Your responsibility includes finding a balance between work and personal life, establishing a clear vision, inspiring teams, and monitoring company performance.

As a Leadership Coach, how do you help millennial businesswomen overcome the challenges they face?

Dana-Maria: In my role as a Leadership Coach, I focus specifically on leadership development, problem analysis and solution-oriented approaches, performance management, and personal growth.

Working together, I provide guidance and tools to enhance decision making, risk assessment, and maintaining leadership in the face of challenging situations.

Continuous development and adaptability are essential in leadership. I am here to help leaders meet the challenge of embracing new ideas, welcoming feedback, and striving for ongoing improvement.

What are some key skills and attributes a millennial businesswoman should cultivate, and how does your coaching support their development?

Dana-Maria: Decisiveness, risk management, and adaptability are key skills in managing multiple roles. The ability to navigate challenges and maximize a company's potential is essential for success.

Leadership is an ongoing journey that requires continuous development and adaptation. As a manager, it's important to be receptive to new ideas, embrace feedback, and aim for constant improvement.

Effective leadership at the helm ensures a successful trajectory and contributes to the growth and success of the company.


The dedication and expertise of coaches like Dana-Maria are instrumental in supporting entrepreneurs on their journey toward achieving their full potential.

Through her innovative millennial businesswomen coaching program, Dana-Maria's coaching and CaptainVR programs provide the tools and guidance necessary for female millennial entrepreneurs to succeed in both their professional and personal lives.

For more information on the millennial businesswoman coaching service, and to embark on your own transformational experience, visit Dana-Maria's coaching website today.

Engagements are limited, so batten down the hatches and let Dana-Maria help you navigate and conquer the high seas of entrepreneurship.

Discover the treasure trove of leadership skills and personal growth – hoist the anchor and embark on your journey today!

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