Bellingham: A Hidden Gem of a City in the Pacific Northwest

Bellingham: A Hidden Gem of a City in the Pacific Northwest

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Bellingham, WA - View from Sehome Hill Arboretum
Bellingham, WA - View from Sehome Hill Arboretum | Photo: Jim Intriglia

The following is a summary overview of the City of Bellingham, Washington. I visited Bellingham in 2021 with my partner, Kimberly, during a three-week vacation experiencing the Pacific Northwest.

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Bellingham neighborhood view
View of Bellingham Neighborhood from near the shoreline of Bellingham Bay | Photo: Jim Intriglia

Readers of The New York Times were treated to an article Go North for Active Days and Appetizing Nights that highlighted some of the best that the City of Bellingham, Washington, has to offer.

Bellingham is a coastal city located in Whatcom County, Washington State, U.S.A.

Close to the Canadian border, the city of over 90,000 residents is a port-of-call, providing ferry service to Canadian ports and Alaska.

East of Bellingham is Mount Baker, a huge snow-capped dormant volcano, home to Mt. Baker National Recreation Area and Mt. Baker ski area.

I visited Bellingham in 2021, with my partner, Kimberly, as part of a three-week vacation to experience the Pacific Northwest.

Something for Everybody

Few cities in the U.S. can offer a broad range of places to visit and activities that appeal to the broad spectrum of interests that draw people to a location. Bellingham is a city that I believe appeals to the interests of many, evident by the range of activities and venues available withing the city or a short scenic drive outside city limits.

For those who thrive on diversity and endeavor to live in a place that offers miles of scenic hiking trails embedded in several wooded city parks, the City of Bellingham

Restaurants and Breweries

Downtown Bellingham and neighboring Fairhaven feature fine restaurants and breweries.

In neighboring Fairhaven Village, we dined at The Black Cat, a fun, social, casual dress gathering spot.

Kim and I enjoyed a great meal with excellent service by our waitress, Claire. Our dinner featured a Caesar Salad, French Onion Soup, 14oz Grilled Ribeye Steak and Wild Sockeye Salmon.

Experiencing Nature at its Finest

Kim enjoying Sehome Hill Arboretum | Photo: Jim Intriglia

Bellingham is surrounded by forested areas, featuring several neighborhood parks.

Enjoy one of many scenic hiking trails that sport an abundance of native trees, wildflowers, and wildlife.

If you're a water sports enthusiast, Bellingham's marina and shoreline offers motor, sail, and kayaks for rent.

You can explore the beautiful shoreline and bays, populated with a variety and abundance of marine life.

Bellingham's Colorful History

Bellingham's rich and colorful history dates to 1852, when the first European immigrants reached the area.

Today, Bellingham's largest industry and employer is government, supporting Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College, and Bellingham Technical College.

Health care is the second largest industry, with PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, Unity Care NW, and Family Care Network are among the largest employers.

Bellingham supports hundreds of small businesses, which provide many of the products and services that enable this city to continue to grow and thrive.


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