Oculus Quest Release Ushers in Next Generation 6DoF VR Experience

Oculus Quest Release Ushers in Next Generation 6DoF VR Experience

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Oculus Quest Release Ushers in the Next Generation 6DoF Virtual Reality Experience for Consumers


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Witness the Oculus Quest, the next generation of 6DoF for VR gaming and simulation. Oculus is now accepting pre-orders for this self-contained, wireless VR headset, with a Mid-May ship date.

Check out Kent Bye's Podcast Oculus Quest, Privacy, & Facebook’s Walled Garden for a thought-provoking review and analysis of what the Quest could bring to the Consume market space and the VR enthusiast world.

Jeremy and Norman of Tested Videocast provides an in-depth review and thoughtful discussion of the Quest headset for those new to VR and experienced VR enthusiasts interested in upgrading their tethered 3DoF PC VR experience.

Going forward, I'll be tracking and reporting on developers that focus on the Quest for non-gaming applications such as flight simulation/training, healthcare/wellness and education/communications.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Quest VR headset to explore applications other than online gaming, I’d like to hear from you! Non-gaming applications of interest to me include flight simulation and training, education, health and wellness, storytelling, and conferencing, 360 or VR video experiences and interactive musical performance applications. Leave a comment below or send me an email.

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