Jim Intriglia

Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.

Lou Ricca

Marketing/Business Communications Professional

Testimonial for Jim Intriglia, Career Coach/Mentor

It would be difficult for me to say enough good things about Jim’s insight as a business consultant. In the midst of my search for my next opportunity, Jim has introduced me to the world of hiring in 2016 and offered actionable tips for me to use.

I met Jim digitally through a LinkedIn comment he responded to and it started me on the path to thinking about my job path differently. We’ve spoken on the phone several times and exchanged many emails and LinkedIn conversations. He helped make the working world (especially among decision makers) a little more clear, and I already consider him a mentor and a trusted advisor.

He’s regularly asked me questions, offered advice and encouraged me to challenge myself and my preconceived notions about the job hunting process. Jim also has offered simple encouraging words to stay focused, keep my spirits up and not to sell myself short.

I have also leaned on Jim for specific advice about scenarios that have come up, good books to read that can help me direct my work and ultimately my life and the best ways to network and raise my profile both online and off. He has been responsive and empathetic with his guidance and has put me on a path that I believe will put me in a great place to work and share my talents when that day comes.

Finding the right culture fit and the right company is a challenge but with Jim’s help I have narrowed my search, performed better research and asked more detailed and curious questions along the way. I have no doubt his advice and guidance will benefit me both in my next job and for the rest of my working career. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch, and he’ll continue to help me stay centered with what work should be.

If you’re looking for someone to teach, challenge and position you for success in the working world (no matter the industry) in today’s economy, you would be hard pressed to find a better mentor than Jim.