Jim Intriglia

Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.

Sharon Tender


UI/UX & Professional Graphics Art Designer

Testimonial for Jim Intriglia, Career Advisor & Mentor

Needing some direction on how to promote myself in the IT field, I sought out a career mentor for assistance. Although I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never used a mentor prior to this, Jim was explicit about what he could offer me and followed through by developing a program with deadlines to stay on track.

Jim was always enthusiastic while meeting both online and in person, and went into depth when learning about my career goals and how I would go about reaching them.

He was very focused on my personal goals, and seemed genuinely interested in learning about my line of work. Because of this, he was able to develop a program based on my individual needs rather than a cookie cutter program that is supposed to work for everyone.

In the end, he has given me a new perspective and the tool-set I needed to advance my career (he even just sent me another gem in my inbox on how to promote myself- I don't think this guy ever sleeps!)

I highly recommend Jim’s services to anyone who considers themselves to be shy or who is needing assistance traversing through the networking process. He would also be great for anyone who is changing the direction of their career like myself.

In the end, Jim has given me a new perspective and the tool-set that I needed to advance my career overall.