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5 O'Clock Charlie

For the last several days, I've had the mosquito version of 5 O'Clock Charlie. Unlike his namesake however, Charlie the mosquito buzzes my ear as I sleep at precisely 6:30am every morning. However, at precisely 7:30am, an hour after Charlie's demise I plugged in my Extermin device to get rid of other pests buzzing around.  This device is was worth the small investment for a good night's sleep.

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Welcome to Armenia, Colombia!

Today marks the end of my sixth day in Armenia. Colombia. Jaqueline's family graciously has taken care of any need that I have had, including interpreting Spanish and teaching me about the practices, this is what people call home. 

Our flight to Armenia via Spirit Airlines was uneventful. The second leg of the flight which departed Ft. Lauderdale was relaxing, as the Jet's interior air conditioning and comfortable seating provided a welcome relief to the hot, humid air that greeting us when we arrived in Florida.

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