Jim Intriglia

Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.

5 O'Clock Charlie

One of the memorable episodes of the popular '70s M*A*S*H series, featured an inept North Korean bomber pilot nicknamed 5 O'Clock Charlie. Like clockwork, 'Charlie' would flyover an ammunition dump at 5 O'Clock, and lob a bomb over the side of his bomber, missing the depot every time.

For the last several days, I've had the mosquito version of 5 O'Clock Charlie. Unlike his namesake however, Charlie the mosquito buzzes my ear as I sleep at precisely 6:30am every morning. Mosquito Charlie has never missed his target; he usually has taken several bites out of my bare feet by the time I am awakened by his victory flight around my head.

Aside from these pests posing a potential health threat, they are damn annoying to the point of driving a sane person to pursue them relentlessly like the Greenskeeper Carl Spackler in the movie Caddyshack.

This morning, Charlie the mosquito met his maker, as I lay in wait in my bed for his arrival. Foiled by my decision to wear socks to bed, Charlie never-the-less was on-time and proceeded with what was to become his final flight.

At precisely 7:30am, an hour after Charlie's demise, his brother buzzed my head awakening me again from my morning slumber. At this point, I plugged-in my Extermin device into a nearby electrical outlet, and within minutes, watched flies drop to the floor, dead. Bye-Bye Charlie and his brothers.

Manufactured by a Colombian-based business, I purchased the Extermin device at a local home improvement store in downtown Armenia. The blue-colored pads, when heated by the Extermin device, emit a scented fragrance that contains a mosquito-killing agent. Each pad is effective for 10-12 hours; my package came with two dozen or so pads, which lasted about three weeks used daily.

Next time I visit an area known for mosquitoes, I'll be sure to take along a device similar to the Extermin device I used in Armenia. A small investment to make in maintaining one's health and getting a restful night's sleep.


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