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The Professional Objective: Getting Started Developing Your HEJS Plan

Image courtesy of  slightly everything  on Flickr under a  CC by 2.0  license

Image courtesy of slightly everything on Flickr under a CC by 2.0 license

One of the first tasks you'll tackle when creating your Pierson's Highly Effective Job Search (HEJS) plan will be to compose your Professional Objective (PO). You can view creating your Professional Objective as a starting point to create your HEJS project plan.

A Professional Objective answers the question: What Kind of work do you want to do?

Your Professional Objective typically names a profession ("Architect") and defines the kind of work that encompasses the profession. Your PO states the goal of your HEJS job search project. 

A Professional Objective must be short, clear, and concise. When you’re talking to people about your job-- hiring managers, colleagues, friends and recruiters, you need to effectively communicate exactly what kind of opportunity you are looking for.

Decision Makers (DM's: hiring managers) expect you to state your Professional Objective in less than 30 seconds. A five minute answer to: “What kind of work are you looking for?” simply won't cut it.

The trick in writing a good Professional Objective is to focus on not too narrow or broad a PO. 

Common examples of too broad of an PO include; “I’m looking for a management job,” or “I want to work in the Healthcare industry caring for sick people". Too narrow a PO might describe an area of specialization that pertains to a unique role fulfilled by a previous employer, like "I want to find another Java Enthusiast position".

Some job roles, like Programmer, Business Analyst, Executive Administrative Assistant, and Registered Nurse, are well known and generally understood by professionals and lay people alike.

Remember, if you don’t clearly say what kind of job you want in your PO, you’re asking employers to figure it out for you. That's not their job, it's yours-- so invest some time and decide the kind of work that you would like to engage in. 

When you have a well-crafted Professional Objective, you become a more attractive candidate . You stand out as a professional who knows what s/he wants, who is actually pursing a certain kind of work. Employers will take note.


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