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JIRA Core and Agile/Scrum: A Powerful Combination for Business Project Management

In 'Choosing the Best Group Calendar Solution for JIRA Core Cloud', I discussed two add-on Confluence calendar applications and an approach that would integrate a Teamup web calendar with a Confluence page.

Let's suppose that the need for a team calendaring solution was being driven by business stakeholders. Could we apply Agile project management principles to manage a business research and development project, that would enable the selection, configuration and go-live launch of a calendar solution for a business team?

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JIRA Core Business Requirements Gathering

If the initial project planning, stakeholder orientation and requirements gathering steps are successfully executed, odds are favorable for a JIRA Core Project that will result in measurable and significant increases in speed, efficiency and productivity for the business process owners, managers and others that are engaged in the process.

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