Jim Intriglia

Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.

JIRA Core: A Fully Customizable Collaborative Platform for Managing Business

Managing a business involves people and processes working together to complete a series of tasks and activities that will achieve a desired outcome.

The JIRA Core for Business platform provides business stakeholders with a means to manage simple tasks, activities and complex projects using Agile, traditional or proprietary project management methodologies.

When used by business teams, JIRA Core integrated and stand-alone workflow-based business applications can manage many aspects of a business enterprise, including human resources, finance and investing, legal, marketing and sales, and business-as-usual operations.

My Team and I recently published the first of a series of JIRA Core  White Papers which explore how an inexpensive JIRA Core Cloud platform can benefit business stakeholders, who are responsible for managing day-to-day projects, tasks and activities. Your questions and comments (below) will fuel future updates and additions to this series. 

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