Where Virtual Reality and Gaming Intersect: A Positive Change in Educational Experiences

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Where Virtual Reality and Gaming Intersect: A Positive Change in Educational Experiences
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Entering the Rift Web Series


Student pilot virtual reality education/training via Condor2 VR flight simulator and Oculus Rift HMD
Student pilot virtual reality education/training via Condor2 VR flight simulator and Oculus Rift HMD


Teaching Aviation Enthusiasts Through Gaming and Simulation




The launch of the Microsoft Flight Simulator in 1982 provided one of the first use cases for educational gaming, targeting PC-based flight enthusiasts worldwide.

As commercial and military pilots already were using flight simulators as part of their aeronautical educational training, the stage was set for game-based flight simulators to become something more meaningful than just a creative pastime.

Courtesy: Microsoft


The announcement of a brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator adds to robust market for flight simulation games, some of which will lead flight gaming enthusiasts to meaningful experiences and careers in general and commercial aviation.

Today, a flight enthusiast can don a VR headset and learn how to fly a fixed-wing glider aircraft from the comfort of their home, using a modern day flight simulation software application like Condor2.

Condor 2 Flight Simulator (Courtesy: Condor Soaring)


The quality of the simulation experience well-orients new students to the dynamics of flight and flight operations, which results in students that are well-prepared for there first real-world flight experience with their flight instructor. Experienced glider pilots use Condor2 in VR to augment their flight training, simulate a flight just for fun, or put their knowledge and skills to a test in VR flight competitions featuring experienced pilots from all over the world.

Thanks to Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D revamp of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Enterprise gaming software, aviation students and enthusiasts have a realistic flight simulation platform, through which they can practice and augment their in- classroom and flight training aviation experience.

VR Edutainment Gaming Experiences Shepherd in Next Generation Learning

Titanic VR Educational Experience (Courtesy Immersive VR Education)


Successful immersive interactive Edutainment gaming experiences like Immersive VR Education's  TitanicVR, along with educational content development platforms like EngageVR, have paved the way for the next wave of disruptive immersive educational experiences and distance learning platforms.

The immersive storytelling nature and level of engagement provided by TitanicVR, an Edutainment gaming experience that provides learners with historically accurate account of the Titanic, makes traditional methods of teaching history via classroom lecture seem downright prehistoric.

Appealing to and effectively communicating with visual, kinesthetic and audible learners, TitanicVR leverages the benefits of immersive VR, visual storytelling and engaging gaming to deliver a powerful learning experience.

The EngageVR platform enables educational content creators to create immersive VR learning experiences (Courtesy: Immersive VR Education)

The EngageVR education platform provides education content creators with ready-to-go virtual spaces, where creative learning experiences can be experienced using the power of Virtual Reality.

The EngageVR platform can integrate into VR experiences. today’s popular applications and Cloud-based resources, including YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations,  Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive documents and more.

Many more immersive educational experiences and platforms for educational content creators will be coming to market in the coming year. It's truly an exciting time for interactive learners and educators that want to stretch their imagination while improving learning and retention through the use of cutting-edge gaming engagement and immersive virtual reality technologies.

Entering the Rift Web (ETR Web) is a series of creative expressions created by Jim Intriglia, a Virtual Reality, storytelling and journalism enthusiast. ETR Web experiences strive to apply the best of present day Web-based creative storytelling by fusing best practices that engage video, 360 photography, audio, graphic arts, journalism and narrative storytelling (autobiographies) in a multimedia experience that provides an interactive and immersive experience for the participant.

 Managed, developed and produced using the best of Agile practices and methodologies, ETR Web experiences are iterative works that bring fresh creative content to participants each month. Over time, each of the expressions published in the series will evolve and develop in context, agency and engaging experiences.

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