Jim Intriglia

Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.

Advik Poddaturi

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The University of Tampa
Sykes College of Business
Master's Degree
Class of 2019

Testimonial for Jim Intriglia, Mentor

With Jim Intriglia’s rare expertise in both Software Development/IT and Marketing, I knew he would be the best mentor for me, my business idea, and for successful completion of my Mentor Project assignment.

After our initial interaction, I quickly realized that he was someone who would commit to our mentor/mentee relationship 100%, be an excellent support system, and go out of his way to help me in any way possible.

As this relationship developed, not only did these things prove to be true, but his enthusiasm, patience, organizational skills, and an integrity in what he does has inspired me greatly.

Every meeting that Jim and I had together proved to create new and innovative ideas, detailed discussions, and a generous use of his own time and personal resources. It was obvious that Jim genuinely enjoys with helping create quality, innovated practices for the entrepreneurs that he mentors.

It is, without a doubt, due to Jim’s innovated ideas, resources, and unwavering support that my Mentor Project Assignment was completed successfully. I am incredibly fortunate to have him as a mentor.