Jim Intriglia

Renaissance Soul, Unleashed.

Professional Endeavors

Business Systems Technology Consultant

As an experienced business Information Technology consultant, Jim has the opportunity to serve as a contributor in many areas of a business enterprise. 

As a Senior Project Leader/Business Systems Analyst, Jim applies over 25 years of experience eliciting, documenting and communicating business requirements to executives, managers and technical professionals. As a Project Leader, he serves as a trusted advisor to business stakeholders who are accountable for delivering complex business information systems. 

"I got SO MUCH out of our conversation! Reading your notes was like getting a playback of our entire talk. I am amazed how observant you are, and what precise notes you take."  --Ron Meyer, Business Owner

IT contract consulting and managed services firms often regard Sr. Business Systems Analysts/Consultants as the swiss army knives of the industry. Their broad experience enables them to successfully manage a wide variety of assignments. Experienced Business Systems Analysts often are engaged by the same consulting firm, product or services company for years, completing dozens of in-house and client/customer assigned business and technical projects.

Atlassian Solution Developer

Jim's been an Atlassian JIRA application developer since his first role as a JIRA Administrator with Catholic Health Initiatives in 2008. Presently, he actively develops and maintains a JIRA Core-Confluence-HipChat Cloud platform that is utilized daily by his virtual team to manage a wide variety of career and business-related projects and activities.

When engaged as a JIRA Platform Project Lead and Application Analyst/Developer, he works with business stakeholders, managers and end-users, to identify business processes and activities that can be migrated and automated via JIRA's collaborative team platform. Through a series of best practices developed over the years, he's able to consistently provide fully customized, workflow driven JIRA applications to manage a wide variety of business applications.

Working with Checkpoint Technologies President Bob Crews and Marketing Manager Brent Jenkins, Jim co-developed and presented Customizing JIRA Workflow for QA Testing, for over 120 attendees. The webinar discussed the pro's and con's associated with using JIRA default and customized workflows for QA software testing applications.

To learn more about Jim's accomplishments and experience using the JIRA platform, access his Atlassian Professional Profile 

Marketing and Sales Consultant

After Jim graduated with honors earning his bachelors degree in business marketing, he applied over a decade of marketing and sales experience to enable business enterprises to significantly improve the marketing and sales of their product and service offerings.

Mentor, Coach and Advocate

Jim is an experienced mentor, coach and advocate serving students, young professionals just embarking on their careers, and seasoned professionals considering alternatives to traditional retirement. His focus areas include lifestyle design, relationship management, business and career development.

If you’re looking for someone to teach, challenge and position you for success in the working world (no matter the industry) in today’s economy, you would be hard pressed to find a better mentor than Jim. --Lou Ricca, Media & Public Relations Professional